New Gallery Show

Roanoke Marshers LighthouseWith lots going on here this year, I had almost forgotten that I was scheduled to exhibit some pinhole prints at a local gallery. The exhibition was planned last year and was to go up the April 1. I called the gallery yesterday and explained that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get the prints to them. I knew there were some people I could ask to deliver the prints, but wasn’t sure I wanted to get everything together and then ask someone at the last minute to help get them to the gallery. But the gallery owners were great about the whole thing and offered to come over to pick up the framed prints.

So, I was all set with the show. There were images that I wanted to include, but I didn’t have the prints. I had sent the same three prints to France 2 weeks before for the show that Jean Daubas had organized. But, that was OK. I didn’t need to include those three prints. Those three were color images of the full moon, and all the other prints in the show were black and white. So, Carmela and I went to bed early Friday, worn out from the days events. I had gotten a call at the end of the day letting me know that I needed to be in Chapel Hill on Monday morning instead of Wednesday. Suddenly, we had 2 days to pack everything we would need for a 2-3 month stay in Chapel Hill while I got whatever kind of cancer treatment was coming my way. The last thing I needed to be thinking about was those three prints.

I’ve been sleeping in 3-4 hour periods since the surgery. I wake up after around 4 hours and take pain pills and benedryl, then go back to sleep. So, Carmela and I were up around 1:30 in the morning, taking my pills. By 2:30 I hadn’t gone back to sleep. I asked Carmela to help be strap on my body brace. Then downstairs I went to print those three damn pinhole moon images. Carmela did a wash. At 3:30 I took some more pills and we went to sleep. Got up around 7 feeling great. After breakfast, Pat and Glenn came by and gathered up the prints for the show. They even took three prints that weren’t yet framed, offering to cut mats and frame them. Really nice folks.

Moonset Over Jockey’s RidgeThe show is called simply “Pinhole Images“, and is mostly images I’ve made here on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Several of them are night-long exposures of full moons I’ve shot the last couple of years. If you’re in the neighborhood, check it out at Glenn and Pat Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery in Nags Head, North Carolina.