Part 6: over exposed

UNC Memorial HospitalTraveling to Chapel Hill, I brought along my 35mm Nikon with a zone plate body cap. Its a good travel camera, along with my Zero 2000 pinhole camera. I was visiting the UNC Hospital for further diagnosis of my cancer and then start treatment. My back is healing nicely, but I still need a walker to get around. The camera and light meter weigh me down more than usual, so I started hanging my camera off the walker. The UNC Health Care center has become a large complex with an interesting architectural mix of buildings. The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center that I’m visiting is just one facility in the Health Care complex. Staff and patients are much more international and culturally diverse than than when I worked there years ago. It was an exciting adventure to return. And I brought along my zone plate to capture some of the flavor of it.

Skylight at entrance to Women’s HospitalThis image was made looking up at the skylight near the entrance to the Women’s Hospital. I was pleased to see the attention to aesthetics in the design of the newer buildings.



Hallway between Children’s Hospital and Women’s Hospital

This hallway joins the Children’s Hospital and the Women’s Hospital. I had to wonder why there is no “Men’s Hospital”. I guess real men don’t need a hospital!



Canopy over patient drop-off at Children’s Hospital

The canopy over the patient drop-off/pickup lane at the Children’s hospital. This was one of the photos that got me busted. The hospital police came at me from three directions, zeroing in on the possible terrorists with the strange looking camera. Homeland security. I apologized profusely, fearing they would take my film. I got off easy this time, but I’d sure better watch out. I had no idea it was illegal to photograph the hospital. Photographers, be warned!


Waiting for CarmelaMe, waiting for Carmela in the parking lot. 🙂


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  1. Hi Gregg and Carmela,
    Would love to hear from you. I have been thinking about you both. I enjoyed your pictures.

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