Collaborations With Nature

These photographs are made using simple pinhole cameras that I make and place outdoors for several weeks or months. During this time the paper negatives in the cameras are exposed not only to sunlight, but also to moisture, changes in temperature and humidity, mildew, insects, curious animals, and other conditions of nature. After an exposure of up to six months, I “harvest” these cameras and scan the negatives to see what nature has wrought. For me, it is a matter of giving up total control and allowing nature to help form the final image.

2 thoughts on “Collaborations With Nature”

  1. Hello Gregg

    Wow and wow-wow-wow!! Cindy and I have both met your wife, Carmela (?) this year through the NIA classes at JCC. And she had told us both about you being an artist–and what an artist you are!!!! But only today had my wife gotten your website address. from your wife. We look fw to continue our looking at your art today. Each piece of yours is more than a photograph–to us they have a spiritual aura to them. We’ll alert some of our other art friends as well. Do you have any regular exhibitions right now or scheduled in the next year??

    Cindy graduated in Art and Zoology at Duke and is in her 21st year of teaching art at a private elementary-middle school. Her interests in painting, now mostly acrylics, and my earlier interests in oil painting–brought the 2 of us together. She has been increasingly productive these past 2 years, but we’ve both been painting for over 20 years. For all of our lives, each of us has enjoyed art.

    Dick and Cindy

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