Paths of the Moon

Overnight exposures in a pinhole camera of the full moon. The path of the moon is recorded as it moves across the sky.

6 thoughts on “Paths of the Moon”

  1. Great results! It has been difficult to catch the Path of the Moon in my places using solargraphy. Did you use b&w photo paper or film with a filter? In your pictures it seems to be both day and night at the same time. Curious to know your way. Congratulation for your success!

  2. Hello Gregg, it’s been a long time from our last interaction. I am glad you still are doing pinhole and not like me who lost all interest in all types of photography long ago. I took a look to your portfolio and I see plenty of really good images. Love your Anxiety series, particularly Cyberknife and SRS, images that convey such a sense of action/movement, it’d have been very difficult to make such images with a regular camera. I like also Anxiety 2009, I’d name it: Zeus of the Outer Banks! Moonrise Over Jockey’s Ridge with its geometric simplicity is also an outstanding image.

    This coming Sunday, I plan to mount a “lensless” aperture on my wife’s DSLR and hopefully I will get something half decent to upload to WPPD.

    Best wishes,

  3. Sad to hear about the passing of Greg. I was just reading his post on long exposure pinhole shots of the moon after stumbling across it via google. Sounds like he was a good guy.

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