7th Photographic Image Biennial Exhibition

I will be exhibiting one of my recent mixed media photos at the Wellington B. Gray Gallery at East Carolina University this month. The show was juried by Keith Carter and runs from January 13 – February 19, 2011.

There will be a talk by Keith Carter on January 13th at 5pm and the opening reception follows. The public is invited, free of charge. Carmela and I plan to attend the talk by Keith Carter and the opening reception. If you’re reading this, you’re definitely invited! Hope to see you there!

The exhibition was selected from 307 entries from 23 states. Keith Carter chose 83 works for inclusion in the exhibition covering the range of photographic processes, including the now dominant digital imaging, traditional black and white and color photography, antiquarian and alternative processes.

Gray Gallery website

2010.228 (Break Of Day)

5 thoughts on “7th Photographic Image Biennial Exhibition”

  1. hey Gregg, what an intriguing image!
    It’s got a beautiful texture as an object but I love that there’s almost like a narrative: the arc lines of the sun.
    Very multi-leveled, it has an ancient feel like those cuneiform clay “letters” and envelopes.

  2. Hey Gregg,

    Congratulations. What a fantastic piece! You seem to be connected to the universe and elemental forces. Resonance, Gregg, resonance!

    Hope to see you and Carmela in Richmond soon.

    Willie Anne

  3. I am still teaching in Korea, but I’ll be leaving in May! I’m going to Thailand to get my CELTA, to become teacher certified and then who knows!! I’d love to work in the Philippines, after having visited in February! I can’t stop dreaming of beaches and coconuts!!

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