Uh oh, now what?

studio01It has been a while since I have posted anything to this web log. I think of a log as an ongoing written record of events, the passing of time. Since last September, my life has been full of these daily events but I haven’t been recording them. I have been busy with a variety of things, but not the pursuit of art. Today is a milestone event for me and I wanted to put that down in my blog. Today I completed building my new studio. Its been underway since early October and was put on hold for a while to attend to other things. But now its ready to move in and make use of it. I just wanted to share my new work area with others while it is pure and unscathed. As you see, it is simply white, a blank canvas itself. That’s a good start for an art studio.

studio05So today is a happy day for me. Tomorrow, I go back into the studio to do my work there. I’m grateful for both the studio and the challenge of spending my days there.




10 thoughts on “Uh oh, now what?”

  1. Hey! I want one. U cn build it while we’er away down south and have it rteady when we return next month.

    it will fit nicely on our front lawn.

    love, joe

  2. COOOOOL! Congrats on your new studio, Gregg – lookin good! Now, what’s up with those pinholes? 🙂

    Love those stacks …errr…stacks, I mean…..snakes…..errrr…. I mean stakes…..

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