Sunset/Moonset, 2006.3.13-14

I almost forgot that I set out some moon pots on the 13th of March. This was the night before the full moon. Carmela came with me to Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head.

Jockey’s Ridge is a popular tourist attraction in this area. It is a collection of giant sand dunes that are constantly shifting location and size as the wind blows. In the summer it is full of people flying kites and learning to hang glide. Carmela and I realized that we had never climbed Jockey’s Ridge since moving to the area.

I set out two moon pots, and caught the very last of the civil twilight after the sunset, then caught a little of the civil twilight of the following morning. I didn’t have a good feeling that I was going to get anything interesting from either camera. But, when the color film came back from the lab this past week, I was pleased that one of them was interesting for unexpected reasons. I like the texture in the sky and the contrasting color between the sand and the sky.

I didn’t record any times on these. I was tired. But we did enjoy the view from the top of Jockey’s ridge.

moonrise/sunrise, 2006-03-13