Summer Pinholing

Yeah, it’s been really hot this summer. Everywhere.

Pinhole KayakI’ve been taking a lot of pinhole photos the last couple of months, but haven’t posted any on this site. None of these has been quite what I was after. But I keep working on new images, repeating things, trying to figure out and perfect what I’m after. It keeps me going, seeing progress. But, it also gets me down at times, not quite getting there.

So, with all the heat, Carmela and I finally dragged out the kayak again last weekend and drove it down to Oregon Inlet. We wove in and out of the marshes under the Bonner Bridge. It’s always nice in the water. Even with the sun bearing down on us, just seeing the water all around cools me off.

I took along a round tube camera that holds 8×10 negatives and made this exposure while we were out.

Flapping my wings to cool off
Meanwhile, I’ve got all these metal cameras planted outside, soaking up the final days of the summer sun. I can’t wait to see what comes out of these guys.