Beaver Moon (5)

This was the last of the Beaver moon photos. It was a totally clear sky around sunset and the forecast was for clear in the morning. Although the moon was no longer that full, I wanted to re-capture the moon rise over Roanoke Sound. I think I missed a lot of the arc of the moon in the last attempt.

I set the camera out around 6:50 and let it go all night, collecting it again around 5:50 the next morning. The morning sky was also very clear, but the sun rise is much further south of the moon rise this time of the year. Still, I’m hoping for some red color along the horizon in the final image.

Moon Rise Over Roanoke Sound

Moonrise Over Roanoke Sound

Moonrise 6:48 p.m.
Moonset 10:25 a.m. on following day
Time now to sleep and rejuvenation…

The bed is too small for my tired head.
Bring me a hill soft with trees.
Tuck a cloud up under my chin.
Lord, blow the moon out, please.

(from a traditional song)