Beaver Moon (4)

Got up around 4:45. The moon was still high in the western sky. Headed back to Cochina Beach around 5:15. Stopped at the 7-11 for a cup of coffee along with a few fishermen starting their day. A couple of older ladies came in, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. They didn’t seem drunk, so I guessed it was an inside thing I didn’t know anything about. They were nice enough, just a little full of themselves for that time of the morning.

Got to the beach around 5:45 or so. The sky was full of clouds. I was hoping for a clear morning with a dramatic red sun rise filling the horizon of my photo. I waited. Finally, around 6:15, I closed the hole. There were interesting clouds over the ocean, with some light glowing through dimly in places. Definitely a B/W image rather than color.

On the drive back, I considered how much I enjoy not knowing exactly what an image is going to look like. I pretty much knew what this one would look like, but wasn’t sure how the clouds would imprint in the scene. I would consider to think about this and let it guide me in some future shots – to put cameras into situations where I would be more challenged to envision the outcome.

I also decided I really needed to do a pinhole image of the Bodie Island lighthouse across the road from Cochina Beach. Maybe tonight?

Beaver Moon over the Atlantic (where’s the beach? where’s the ocean?)

Moon is a waning gibbous

84.253% illumination
16d 11h 8m since new moon

Sun rise/set: 6:54 AM/4:52 PM
Nautical Twilight rise/set: 5:53 AM/5:53 PM
Moon rise/set: 6:42 PM/9:48 AM

I have 8 color transparencies ready for processing. I’ll wait to see if I take more photos tonight before sending these off.

My sleep has been sporadic the past week. I feel fine, but know I’m becoming sleep deprived. The work for the next pinhole day had started up, plus I’m preparing for my show of pinhole work at Mitchell College in January. A busy time, but a good time.