Review of DAG Show in Durham News

Blue Greenberg’s review of the Durham Art Guilds 56th Annual Juried show appeared in the Durham Sun-Herald online. And, to my surprise, the article mentions my piece in the show!

Near the end of the article are a couple of references to my “Journey’s End”:

“The last painting, if you move from left to right, is Gregg Kemp’s “Journey’s End.” It is a black, gray and white painting divided into 16 segments by a polymer that resembles barbed wire. It is a scene of devastation:  the remnants of a round building float in an abyss where only a sprig of grapes and an owl still survive.”

“While I was in the gallery two women came in and began to move slowly around the room, talking quietly to each other. Before they left I asked them what they thought of the show. Sandi Gray Terry from Durham and her friend Colleen Hayward, who was visiting from California, liked a number of the pieces but were puzzled by the absence of wall texts or signage and the juror’s comments. Their two favorites were Genda’s “Palace of Culture” and Kemp’s “Journey’s End.””