Litter Photo From a Litter Beer Can

I thought Jamie House’s “Pinhole Litter Project” was an interesting idea, so I decided to go out, find some litter that I could make a pinhole camera from and make that photo. I have to say that either Durham, North Carolina is a fairly litter-free city, or I just don’t hang out in the right neighborhoods.  It took me a while to find a camerable piece of litter.  I did see some drink cans along major highways, but I didn’t really see a photo op in those places.

Eventually, last Saturday to be precise, I found my camera, a beer can near Ninth Street.

Natural Ice beer can

Unsuspecting litter awaiting conversion to a pinhole camera…

I grabbed the can, took it home, pinholerized it, loaded it up and took a photo.  Not a great photo.  Not even a good photo.  But the deed was done.

Natural Ice beer can litter photo

Litter Photo From a Litter Beer Can (click to see larger)

So today I sent the remains of the day, along with a “Mountain Dew” camera and a “Fresca” camera to Jamie.  And thanks Jamie!  Nice idea!

I got something more out of this outing than the photos.  I had time to think about it all, and some thoughts came together.  I like to browse a local place called the “Scrap Exchange“.  I’ve picked up some fine camera bodies there – like an Illy Expresso tin, and several other cookie tins.  I’ve been wanting to show some pinhole photos there for some time.  But I’ve been waiting for the right idea for the show and I think I’ve got it now.  I like the litter idea, but any form of recycling is good.  So I’ve added this to my list of projects for the year.  And they recycle frame molding as well.  One stop shopping!