Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Workshop in Durham

Pinhole Day 2012

The twelfth annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 29th of this year. I will conduct a two day workshop at the Durham Arts Council on Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29, on this easy to learn, but creative and fun methoc of photography.

In this workshop, you will make your own camera, learn how to use it, then learn basic traditional darkroom photography by processing a paper negative and then printing the final black and white photograph. You’ll explore for yourself what makes the simple pinhole camera such a creative device and fun to use.

On Sunday you’ll have a chance to improve your skill and technique and then you’ll have an opportunity to join with thousands of people around the world on pinhole day by uploading a scan of one of your photos to the pinhole day website. All materials will be provided as part of the cost of the course ($55.00).

For more information please contact me.

To register, go to the DAC registration website or call them at 919.560.ARTS.