Sticking a Light Into a Dark (rainy days blues)

I’ll be setting out several cameras on the winter solstice for six months, to make solargraphs until the summer solstice. I’ve made six new cameras for this.  I would have liked to have made them out of metal or plastic.  But I don’t have any experience or tools in working with either of those.  So, I made them from 1/4″ plywood and covered them with three coats of exterior paint.  I hope the paint and wood holds up.

Another concern I had was how to prevent water from dripping into the camera and onto the paper through the pinhole.  I placed a thin square of acetate between the pinhole (in brass) and the inside of the camera hole that houses the pinhole and sealed this up with super glue all around.  I left this out for a little over a week.  It rained several of these days, including the first day. The acetate must have quickly fogged up and remained that way.  Considering the camera was well sealed, this was not a surprise. The results were interesting, and I like this image. I have been experimenting with various ways of obscuring pinhole images, but I didn’t intend it for a six month exposure.

“a few days in December”

“You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.” – Arlo Guthrie