Pinhole Photography

I maintain a couple of websites devoted to pinhole photography. The most visited is the Pinhole Visions website. This site was devoted to news and events about the art of pinhole photography – the artists who practice it and their work. I sold the pinhole dot com domain name in September of 2009 and the site no longer exists on the Internet.

Another popular site is the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day website, or “pinhole day” for short. This site has information on the annual international pinhole day, where people all over the world take pinhole photos and submit one to the website. Pinhole Day has been around since 2001. We have thousands of submissions each year, from dozens of countries!

I also have a portfolio of my own work, and information on my gallery and museum shows, as well as my random thoughts at I post informal information here about my thoughts and activities regarding my endeavors in the visual arts.