Pinhole Bird Photography

I set out a pinhole camera made from a rusted soup can in early spring to take a long exposure photo of a cherry tree leaves and blooms over a few months time. I forgot about it until yesterday so I decided it was time to take a look at what it produced. I was surprised to find a birds next had been built atop the camera. The birds had built their nest, started their family and the kids had grown up and left the next. And all was captured on a pinhole photograph, I thought. I’ve seen lots of nature inhabit my cameras during these long exposures, but this was a first. Here are the photos.

4 thoughts on “Pinhole Bird Photography”

  1. Gregg, one of the funniest pinhole stories I have heard. Those time exposures are really left to the gods. (and you shouldn’t forget about your cameras when the shutter is open 🙂

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