Me and The Cyberknife

Today was my third day of Cyberknife treatment, documented with a pinhole camera.

The Cyberknife is hardly visable in this one hour exposure. It was working very hard. Its to the left of and slightly behind me. Its large, very large. It zips around like an alien probe checking out one more Earthling specimen. But its actually zapping me with intense radiation. At least that is what I am told it is doing; I feel nothing the whole time. I’m very relaxedin the room, all to myself, listening to a CD I brought in with me. Nadia, one of the technicians helped me set up the two pinhole cameras. I made no exposure measurements beforehand, just opened up the cameras (actually Nadia opened it up when I forgot to myself) and got my treatment for one hour. So the exposure was for one treatment, one hour and turned out pretty well. I think this is my third successful pinhole photo of a scan or treatment.

I may try another exposure with less light behind the Cyberknife to make it more visible. I’ll also need another playlist for the CD player. Busy, busy, busy.



9 thoughts on “Me and The Cyberknife”

  1. Gregg

    Your spirit amazes and inspires me. Wish I could be there be your assistant and open the shutter for you.

  2. Thanks to everyone for the comments. Friday was my last Cyberknife day. It wasn’t bad at all until the end of that last day. I may have one more photo to post from Friday if it came out. The Cyberknife team even straightened up the room and opened the shutter for me. Great vibes and great folks at UNC Radiation Oncology!

  3. Hi Gregg… Sue Dayton shared your link with me. I, too, had cyberknife last November at UNC…. just one zapping and so far, the scans are good. Thanks for sharing… it is amazing!

  4. Hi Tomma. Good to hear that your scans are good after almost a year. I trust that will continue to be the case. We are all fortunate to have the benefit of the good folks at the UNC Cancer Center. Take care and thanks for writing.

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