Part 3: focus

For better or worse, the steroid drugs I’m taking this week are most probably the biggest driving force in my behavior and decisions. I want to do everything, but of course can only do so many things in one day. Eating meals is a given and a pleasure. And there was much to do to prepare for the short hospital stay – food shop, clean the house, people to talk to, etc. The drugs haven’t distorted decisions too much. But the energy they have given me allowed me to throw in a few extra things that were important to me.

I got an email this week from my good friend Jean Daubas in France. He had organized a show of pinhole photography and wanted work from those of us who have worked on the annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day these past few years. Jean wrote us just this week to ask for prints for the show that opens in just over a week! But everyone jumped right in and mailed off prints. Such spontaneous enthusiasm! So, Saturday morning Carmela and I packaged up some pinhole prints to send off to France.

self protraitThe other thing I felt was important (for some reason) was to take another self-portrait. I really don’t think it’s an ego thing or anything like that. I just wanted to record my state of mind. Besides the drugs were driving all this and I was just the passenger. Taken, developed and posted. I’ll probably come back to this blog next week and delete all these self-indulgent postings. But it’s kind of fun right now.

This may be my last entry for a while. I’ve lost connection to the “new guy” and this blog thing is going nowhere fast. I need to put together a playlist of music to get psyched up for the 2 hour road trip to the hospital. Does anyone read this blog beside me? (just wondering…)

I thought the quote of the day on the Pinhole Visions website was appropriate to my ramblings here:

“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.” – Francis Bacon

4 thoughts on “Part 3: focus”

  1. Greg, this is a wonderful blog. Don’t give it up yet, when you feel better come back to it.
    love you, Barbara O’Brien

  2. Hey Greg, there =are= readers, we’re just a quiet bunch, on the whole.

    I’ve been meaning to mail you about your recent posts…about the connection between major physical changes and art. For what it’s worth, I began pinhole photography while recovering from surgery, and feel it was directly related to it, that it grew out of it.

    Very best of luck with all the hospital and health things you’re going through. Post when you can, and know that I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I hope all your treatment goes smoothly.

    cheers, katie

  3. Hi Gregg, I just discovered your blog today while googling for pinhole photographers. It is a good combination of thoughts and images and is now bookmarked! I especially like the moon photos, they are so simple and evocative.

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