Hunger Moon (2): Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Carmela and I went to Striper’s Grille at Shallowbag Bay in Manteo for a nice dinner and to celebrate. I had not planned to set out any cameras this evening. But we got home near enough to the time of the moonrise that I decided to set one camera out on the neighbor’s deck which overlooks Roanoke Sound.

I’ve set out cameras at this spot before and have their blanket permission to do so. So I hurried to load a camera and rush it out to the deck. It was a fairly warm evening, in the 40’s, so I watched out for the noctural snakes, especially water moccasins. I had a flashlight, but didn’t want to alarm the neighbors by traipsing through their backyard at night, so I left the flashlight off and just stared real hard at the ground in front of me.

The moon was already well above the horizon when I arrived at their deck. It was a beautiful orange color but the sky was otherwise clear of clouds. The stars were brilliant overhead. I set up the tripod and started the exposure.

The sky was clear all night as far as I know. The scene was enhanced by several large water fowl sitting calmly on the sound. The sound was as smooth as glass. I’m not sure what the birds were. I wanted to think they were swans, but now I’m not sure. I was rushed to get back to the house, as I was starting my work day early at 7:00 and didn’t have time to spare. Oh well, we’ll see what comes back from the lab.

Moonrise/sunrise, 2006-02-14

moonrise/sunrise, Valentine’s Day, 2006


Manteo, Dare County, North Carolina (longitude W75.7, latitude N35.9).

Timeline, February 14, 2006:

5:43 p.m. – sunset
7:13 p.m. – moonrise
7:24 p.m. – begin the exposure

February 15, 2006

6:24 a.m. – civil twilight
6:28 a.m. – end the exposure
6:50 a.m. – sunrise

Phase of the Moon on 14 February: waning gibbous with 98% of the Moon’s visible disk illuminated.

Moonrise direction: approximately 100° ESE.

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  1. Fantastica, how nice, congradulation! how it possible to take perfect snaps? I’m first time assistant of Tarja Tragg – hope the sunset and rise could be nice like moonrise. Thanks!

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