Happy Fall to all!

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, the start of Fall in the northern hemisphere. I would so like to be setting out a couple of cameras to capture solar images for the next few months, but here I am at work today.  To my favor, the sun has not shown itself yet here in Durham, NC and a day’s delay in putting out the cameras will have little (if any) effect on the final images. In the meantime, I tested some new paper yesterday and will use it in tomorrow’s cameras.  It is some expired Kodabromide paper that a nice person in Texas no longer needed and mailed to me. Â It isn’t as ripe as the 1961 paper I bought on eBay, but it did well for a one day exposure (below).

solargraph paper test

solargraph paper test

2 thoughts on “Happy Fall to all!”

  1. Gregg, I really like this one-day image. It has a simplicity which is missing from the usual solargraphs. The single streak is like a magical shooting star. I guess the brown colour is a quality of the paper you use but it is warm and perfect. All the best. Mark

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