hanging the lunar/solar show…

Maye and Gregg hanging the show

Maye and Gregg hanging the show (photo by Carmela)

I spent this morning with my wife Carmela and good friend Maye Hardin at the Durham Arts Council, hanging my show “Long Shots: Pinhole Photographs of the Sun and the Moon”.  I was feeling a little uncertain about how the show was going to look.  Many of the prints are new and I’d never seen them all together before.  Its a small show of 18 prints, but it represents roughly 5 years worth of pinhole imaging of the moon and the sun. Some things turned out better than others, but there’s nothing in the show I really hate.  I’m pleased with the final look of the show.

The next full moon occurs during the night following the opening of the show.  Weather permitting, I hope to plant some cameras that night.  This will be the Harvest Full Moon, always a favorite.

Durham Arts Council - Allenton Gallery

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