3 thoughts on “From the Solstice in Helga’s Garden”

  1. Hi Diego. Thanks for the posting.
    About those colors : I hope to put out some cameras on the day of the equinox using different brands, grades, and surfaces of paper to compare the difference in color in the negatives. I will only leave them for 2-3 weeks and post the results here. I would be interested in knowing what brands/types/surfaces of paper you use.

  2. Gregg!! I am astonished with your last works. It will be nice to see your paper tests 🙂
    I used Kentmere and Ilford RC paper with lustre finish, i have noticed glossy papers show many parasit reflections and if you wait so much( more than 6 months) the residual light inside the camera can ruin the picture…… but sometimes i like these failures.
    I am doing some test also with old papers that i have found in the spanish market…
    We will see.

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