Earth, Wind, Fire and Water at Le Bourget, France

One of my “photo sculptures” has been accepted at “4-4-4”, the “Fourth International Lensless” photography exhibition in Le Borget, France. This mixed media piece consists of a pinhole photograph in a hand sculpted frame of acrylic paste, gel and paint. The pinhole image is the result of a six month exposure of black and white photographic paper. During the exposure to freezing temperatures in the winter and heat during the late spring, water condensed inside the camera, forming chemical reactions to the black and white paper negative. The image contains elements of earth (in image and as frame), wind (in trees), fire (the sun’s paths) and water (condensation formed into round blotches).

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The show opens March 11, 2010 at the “Centre culturel Andre Malraux”, 10 Avenue Francis de Pressense, 93350 Le Bourget, France, and continues until April 24th. Then the show travels to the “Exhibition in Centro Civic Can Baste de Barcelona” in Spain during May and June.

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