As Good As It Gets

I got a real treat in the mail this week, the catalogue of the “Made in Poland: Contemporary Pinhole Photography” exhibition now in its last week at Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. The images and concepts being explored by these seven Polish artists is among the most creative and exciting I’ve seen in years. Each artist goes well beyond the intrinisic exploration of the pinhole camera into personal realms of their lives, sharing experiences and approaches to life and art that can alter our own perceptions as viewers.

The exhibition was curated by Jesseca Ferguson and Rusty Crump who could not possibly have done a more perfect job of selecting, organizing, and communicating this show to its audience. Their introduction to the catalog provides an insightful context for this show. Although I will not be seeing the show in person, I have no doubt the gallery presentation reflects the same attention to detail. Congratulations to Jesseca Ferguson and Rusty Crump for pulling this off in such style!

The show travels to the University of Massachusetts Art Gallery in Dartmouth on May 25th of this year.

Made in Poland: Contemporary Pinhole Photography
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