Yellow Machine

Yellow Machine, April 7, 2015

Yellow Machine, April 7, 2015

Its been a while since I’ve posted any new photos documenting my cancer treatment. I spent much of last year trying some drugs. They seemed promising at first, then not so much. I found no real photo opportunities for the drug treatment. I don’t think I felt like looking too hard.

Now Spring is here and I was sent in for some radiation on a new tumor, this one on my scapula. This was routine radiation and only 5 doses over 5 days. I was assigned to the “yellow” machine at the cancer center. One the second day I brought in a pinhole camera and tripod and got this photo. The room is kept dimly lit and I was only there a short while, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes. I’m surprised an image was formed at all, but out it came. I may need a new way to spend my time.

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  1. So Gregg, if you can still write when you read this, do you want to tell us all how this last phase is going and what your observations are about it? I, for one, would love to know. With Love, Pam

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